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Toddler ear infections
Chandler2013 posted:
Does it really take 6 visits over 9 months and 6 rounds of anti-biotics plus 3 shots before a now 15 month old is sent to an ear specialist? I understand protocols but this is much unneeded suffering for a child to have to endure when 99% of these situations end up with tubes being inserted
EarRing responded:
Hi Chandler,

Sorry to hear but, that is way to much antibiotics for such a young child. Please make sure those antibiotics are not OTOTOXIC. talk with his/her doctor make sure you get the answers you need.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
There are criteria for inserting tubes. These are established by the insurance company, NOT your doctor, so don't blame him for the delay. Tubes do not prevent all middle ear infections -- they are inserted in order to preserve hearing, not to prevent infections. Kids with tubes will get less infections, but they still get them.

New recommendations are coming that will recommend even LESS antibiotics, but this does not mean tubes will be inserted any earlier.