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vibrating eardrum
jessica008 posted:
my left eardrum keeps vibrating to certain sounds i hear. if i talk or shout lodly or someone around me talks loudly it will vibrate. when driving down hill it feels up with air and then a few minutes later it pops. then everytime i eat drink or swallow the ear clicks loudly. last night my left ear was aching so i went to bed early. about a week ago it rang for about an hour then stopped. i told my parents and they took me to see a doctor and he said that it might be wax in the ear so he took some out but it was still vibrating when i got home so i went back two more times and eachtime he said both ears were clear. i then became worried because i didnt know what else it could be and now one month on since january 11th it has still been vibrating. im meant to be seeing an ear specialist soon but i dont think they will be able to help and im afraid they will say that nothing can be done. what should i do?? is there any cure? what could have caused this?

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Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Your next step is to see an ENT specialist. This is really the ONLY way you can be properly diagnosed and treated. Right now, you do NOT have a definitive diagnosis, so there is really no way one can discuss cures...or know what can be done.