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Hi--Dr. M: Mild symptoms concerning me--almost 1 year post op!
yanksgirl posted:
Hi, Dr. M: I need your 'thought's once again. I have had some 'mild, very short episodes of this feeling inside my head that I used to get just prior to a 'vertigo' episode.

They occur when I lay down in bed, and when I turn on my side to get up, etc. And, on occasion--just while sitting up and really doing nothing (that's usually in a busy area, like a restaurant, etc.)

The feeling is like 'motion' inside my head' and it immediately makes me feel almost 'faint' and dizzy--and nausea comes on.

I get shaky and yesterday it happened as we were ordering take out dinner and I had 'looked up' at the menu. Suddenly I felt that movement in my head and my stomach 'turned over' and I was shaky--had to get to a table and sit.

We got our order right away and my husband pulled the car to the door and the restaurant young man--saw to it I got to the car ok.
Now, I'm 'anxious' that will occur again of course.

At the grocery store today I felt so lightheaded and nausea was going on (which has been daily for weeks now--sometimes mild and sometimes really bad), so was glad to get home and sit back.

It does help when I do that--as always.

Since my Ent doctor told me I'd have 'no more vertigo' after the shunt surgery, I've felt confident of that, but what could be causing these episodes of 'movement' in my head that feels like a 'spin' is coming on?

It will be a year in March since the ear surgery. Could it be that the shunt is 'clogged' or that the vertigo is going to recur--or is it something else--and if so, any idea as to what? The doctor said the shunt would 'not clog' because if it did, I'd have 'vertigo', then he followed that with 'you will not have vertigo anymore'!!

I even stopped in at the Urgent care to get b/p checked and it had 'spiked to 170/66--not really bad, and heart rate was ok too. They do that 'free to walk in patients' and I go there once in awhile to get mine checked.

Anyway, this extreme nausea and off and on 'near vertigo' feeling has me more anxious again. Have kept on keeping on, but still dealing with this. Very discouraged right now.

Thought of you this week--as a friend had her shoulder done. She's elderly- in her 80's and so far is doing ok--will start therapy tomorrow.

I wondered if you have decided on yet another surgery--if so, I wish you the 'best' of results this time. Yanksgirl
yanksgirl responded:

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