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Chronic Sinus Infections
KLB1974 posted:
I get 2-3 sinus infections per year and have for many years. Colds seem to be a huge trigger as well as allergy flare-ups. I typically will take a course of antibiotics which will get rid of it. I cannot take decongestants or steroids so sometimes the nasal swelling will linger for a few weeks.

I caught a cold in early January and ended up getting a sinus infection a few weeks later. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic. I felt better after a few days but on about day 8 or so of being on antibiotics, I developed a sore throat and felt like the whole process was starting over again. I waited about a week or so to see if I would get better on my own. When I felt the same a week later, my doctor prescribed another antibiotic. I finished it last week and I still don't feel entirely well.

I have ALOT of drainage going down the back of my throat which irritates the lining of my throat and I have a headache/pressure between my eyebrows. The drainage is so thick, I sometimes start gagging/choking.

I already take Claritin and Nasonex for my allergies. Nothing seems to help.

I plan to make an ENT appt. this week. What should I expect from the visit? Since antibiotics, claritin and Nasonex don't seem to help, is there anything else I can try?

I should mention I have a fairly bad deviated septum so is probably making me suspectible to getting sinus infections.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
The ENT may want to get a CT scan of your sinuses, and he/she may want to "scope" your nasal passages with a fiberoptic instrument.

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