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recurrent sores inside my nose
Outdoorsman posted:
for over a year now, I have had recurrent sores in both nostrils...I have been to my PCP who tested me for staph infection, which came back positive each time; he then directed me to an ENT who diagnosed me with Foliculitis Barbae; she prescribed Mupirocin to be applied with a Qtip to the inner lining of my nostril; before seeing the ENT, my PCP prescribed different antibiotics each time I saw him before referring me to the ENT; I do not agree with the diagnosis of Foliculitis Barbae as the Mupirocin hasn't helped at all; the sore would eventually go away with multiple prescriptions of antibiotics but eventually come back or never fully go away; In the past year, I have only been spared maybe 2 months not having any sores in my nose (Nov and Dec); the sores are very painful as the only relief I have found is to moisten my nose while in the shower while massaging to loosen the sores/scabs and literally blow them out; the relief is short-lived as once they start to form back, it feels like someone is ripping the insides out of my nose; once the scabs/sores fully form, I can barely breathe b/c they block my airway in my nose and it literally feels like my nose if full of "boogers" (sounds horrible, but that is my best description); can anyone please help me !! I am so tired of the pain and discomfort from this !!! Thanks.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
What KIND of Staph? Did the culture reveal MRSA? Once this type of Staph has colonized in your nose, it can be very, very difficult to eradicate (even with the frequent use of mupiricin ointment and an occasional blast with oral antibiotics). Recurrent infections are common, as you know.

Get your culture report and read it.....