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Help....scared about sinuses
jazzmynn posted:
I had virus type symptoms about a month ago. I hard lots of clear post nasal drip, lost my voice,, shaking chills and sneezing. One time I was even dizzy which went away.
The symptoms seemed to have gone away but I was under a lot of stress at that time and they came back.
I saw my Dr who said it was a virus.He also said it came back because of the stress on my immune system.
For the past couple weeks, I have had thick green discharge from my. Sinuses who is almost gone' and my voice still sounds nasally. The Dr put me on levaquin but I had a reaction to it at just three days. Because I'm allergic to so many antibiotics, he didn't put me on anotherr one.
I then went to my allergist who said the infection isn't that bad' but put me on a strong nasal steroid and antihistamine.
I still sound nasally, but the nasal discharge is clearer. I also still have whooshing in my ear. I have a deviated septum on that side.
I am also not as tired as I was and the swelling under my eyes is much better.
He wanted to try these medicines before doing allergy testing for an antibiotic.
I am just really tired of sounding like I'm sick from my voice and the plugged sinus and ear whooshing.

Can this last this long and can it go away without antibiotics?
I am scared it will never go away.
The allergy Dr wants me to come back but I don't have insurance and more Dr visits are not possible with my finances.
Thanks for your input.

Can thi
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Since I can't examine you or delve into your case, there is really no way for me to blindly determine if your issues will be solved without antibiotics. While I am sympathetic to your financial situation and lack of insurance, it does not really change the fact that I cannot really address your patient-specific issues over the Internet. You will need to stick with your doctors.

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