Faint high pitched ringing in ear
kafasam posted:
Hey, so for about a week now i have been experiencing a faint high pitched ringing in my right ear ever since i DJ'ed a club on a saturday for 4.5 hours. im afraid i did some damage but i keep thinking that it wasn't too loud and for too long. I thought it would go away after the first day but it has persisted and i have been to the doctor and ENT already. They told me there was nothing that looked wrong, and i did a hearing test, which had excellent results. But if everything is coming back normal, why am i still hearing this high pitched sound? Both doctors said that it will go away soon but it hasnt! i heard it when i woke up this morning, then it slowly faded away but now its back again. sometimes my hearing in either ear goes muffled for 2 seconds and goes back to normal. i am stressing out a lot because i am a musician and im enrolling in school in audio engineering soon, in hopes to have a career in the music/audio industry.