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sinus and hearing problems... non ending
An_250800 posted:
have a question.. is it possible for sinus to drain into face, and back of neck? I have been in bed for months.. after what the hospital called a "stress headache" I felt like I had acid being poured down the right side of head behind my deaf ear...I only remember breathing extremely hard in and out of nose.. this was back in Dec.. ever since.. when I lay on back, I can hear fluid from ear to ear.. when I sit up.. there is a pressure. feels like ears are popping, but everytime I swallow.. I am burping.. pressure in. ears, throat and face.. my sinus tryin to drain, but is not making it to my nose.. I am not getting anything out of my nose, the longer I sit up.. I can feel draining from my cheeks.. side of face infront of both ears and getting alot of mucus draining into my mouth.. (spit out as much as possible.. cups full thus far) again, the longer I am up.. the pressure is building around ears.. the ear I have a little hearing out of gets destorted sounding.. more like I am hearing vibrations than sound.. My throat is sore.. now finding a yellow spot on left side tonsil.. and when I swallow.. is like its popping in my ear..I managed to see ENT, was told he could not really help me without having insurance but gave me amox and said to drink lots of fluid.. he wasnt too helpful at all...
I have already lost over a year in bed after losing my hearin in right eear, for unknwn reasons per 4 docs.. there was emense pressure that lasted a few months.. then all hearing was gone..
My quality of life sucks, the state of MI is not helpful with medical I am begging for coverage.. feel like my life isnt worth a few grand.. can you please give me some idea of what I am looking at.. These doctors dont always seem to listen to what you are tryin to tell them, I would like some insight into what is happening and if it will ever end...thanks

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