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Ear Problem, possible menieres?
servicej87 posted:
So here's my story... I have had a problem with my left ear for around 2 years. When I am around loud noises and/or high pitched noises, it will very often sound 'crackly' (kind of like a broken speaker) and be slightly painful. It has progressively gotten worse over the past 6 months, where now if someone is talking too loud or if I am singing to myself too loud it will sound 'crackly' and sometimes it will feel/sound like its in the middle of my head between/effecting both ears. I am experiencing no loss of hearing, I am still capable of hearing quite things (things my 4 year old dog sometimes doesn't hear). It also sometimes feels like there is a small amount of pressure behind my left ear too, but it doesn't feel like it needs to 'pop' or feel like there is an excessive amount of water (like after swimming). In addition to the conditions above, I experienced what I can only describe as debilitating vertigo and motion sickness after a recent flight. This lasted for approximately 24hrs. I have had motion sickness since I was a child, but no one else in my family has motion sickness problems. This recent episode was the worst it has ever been and lasted longer than any other time. My motion sickness has usually been controllable (fresh air and focusing on the horizon) and upon throwing up I would almost always feel better. This recent spell lasted for around 4 hours after landing (I was throwing up a lot) and then for the remainder of the day and the morning and afternoon of the following day I still felt slightly dizzy and sick. Please feel free to ask any questions in regards to my symptoms to determine an appropriate diagnosis. Could this be menieres disease? What are some other possibles for what is wrong? I do not currently have insurance, so what are some things I could do/take that would help rectify this issue? Thank you for your time.

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