Patts posted:
I had a bad sinus infection which I just finished the antibodtics I had a scab or booger in my nose and I used. Qtip to get it out my nose is hurting bad (I didn't want to use my fingers) Well I be ok. The qtip is not stuck and I the booger or scab out? I really didn't go in to far I just went to the back of the nose though. I have had many sinus surgeries(6) because of infections I can't get rid of. What can I do to help the pain? I have a nose douch($ good one) it looks like a water pik for the nose. If I keep using that will it help? I am so worried because I have sever bad sinus. I get at least 6to 10 infection in a year. Sometimes more if iam severely exposed to my allergy I get more. Can anyone help? Will I be fine?
Patts responded:
I think I'm ok the not as intense pain. I used my douche and it helped. It was probably a scab because when I get infection I also get bloody nose. I would still like to hear for some help to made sure my sinus will be ok?
Patts replied to Patts's response:
Sorry I'm feel better because of pain pill for got I took it. I Al's have TMD severely.