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'flesh' growing from ear canal...
An_251059 posted:
Ok. I'm not sure if it is flesh. I say that because it does seem to have pain of its own...I do think this has been an ongoing issue for years that has just gotten progressively worse.

Something to note may be that I do not ever recollect my ears popping, ever, since I am a child until now. When we would drive through the tunnel or anything, at most I would feel pressure. I also could not scuba dive because I could not get my ears to pop.

Something else that may be of note, I have an irregular bite, something that could have been fixed with braces as a child, but who the hell cares about that. My bottom teeth sometimes close over my top teeth, especially when I am sleeping, and I grind my teeth. Also, I have gotten into the habit, which I am braking now, of 'pushing' my head into the pillow, which is also essentially pushing my ear canal, I have been doing this for years, stress related, and now I feel I have somehow caused this on top of not being able to pop my ears ever in my life. When I did relieve some of the pressure I could not believe the difference. In my sight, in my balance, in everything... I felt like a new person.. Now the condition seems to be getting worse.

I discovered a few months ago, that I could 'pop' my ear...and I noticed swelling in my ear canal, sort of puffy. As I pop it, or play with the area to try and relieve the pressure, it seems like air is actually coming out. If I focus on pulling some pressure in, as opposed to having been pushing out for so long, it feels as though whatever this is, wants to come back into my canal. I thought maybe somehow I had pushed my actual sinus tract out, but that seems kind of impossible.

Now I have noticed that as I am trying to clear whatever this is, I even initially thought it was just a wax build up, and it felt that way, it is 'bonded' to my ear canal. I can pull it apart which relieves the pressure and opens an air way, and it does feel as though if I do separate it entirely from my ear canal, it is something that is supposed to be in my ear and I have been pushing it out from grinding my teeth. When I do separate it though, it very quickly bonds back, within an hour...? Ideas? Any clue what I am dealing with or how to fix it? Unfortunately I do not have money to go to a doctor, I can't even afford a clinic, and I have been dealing with a lot of pain and pressure, pressure more than pain...but I do seem to have a consistent headache. I just want my head to feel like everyone elses. I plan on getting a mouth guard to help me from grinding my teeth at night.

Now that I can feel some of the difference, it feels like my entire sinus system is effected by this, and has been for a very long time, I just did not know, because I never knew what 'normal' felt like.

Of course I scorn my parents for this.

In any event, any ideas? I am trying everything I can to eleviate this. What I don't want, is to have this thing get sucked into my ear if its not supposed to be there. It feels pretty sizeable, and I am sure the pain could be excruciating. Also , probably important to note, is it is in both ears.

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