Plugged ear and hissing noise
An_251102 posted:
Hi, I suffer from ETD it is not constant but when it does act up it is Very Aggravating! Well needless to say this week was not a good one. After seeing my physician she have me nasal spray, decongestant and prednisone. After taking the prednisone I feel a lot better however once my ear became unclogged I do notice a slight Hissing noise. I still have 14 days to take the Prednisone. Do you think that i should wait to see the specialist and hope that the hissing noise goes away? Or should I go and see them?
Do YOU think that the hissing sound has anything to do with what has been going on with my ear this past week? and do you think that it should subside? Please let me know what you think.

Many thanks!