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Significant Ear Problems Diagnosed First as ETD now TMJ
An_251108 posted:
I've been having a difficult time with my right ear for almost a year now. It started with simple fullness that I had attributed to just allergies, however it began to get worse. After fullness came a large amount of popping and crackling in the ear, soreness and then what sounds like murmurs or mumbling when people talk to me. Essentially, it seemed like the hearing would cut out momentarily and I couldn't understand what anyone was saying.

I had gone to a doctor that had continued to say, even after my followup with him, that I had ETD, and was sent to a specialty hospital for evaluation. I came back from the specialty hospital with more questions than answers.

After my hearing test came back fairly normal (I was only found to be borderline in my right ear with some diminished hearing), they assured me that I did not have ETD but TMJ. Though I have no history of clenching, or grinding of the teeth. When I tried to reiterate this to him, he said it was a misunderstood condition and often overlooked by physicians, and that he was positive that it was TMJ and to try ibuprofen for inflammation. But, I've gone through two sets of steroids in the past year that did absolutely nothing to alleviate my problem, and have no idea how ibuprofen will.

He also stated that by me trying to pop my ear I'm exasperating the condition, but it's because the ear is clogged I'm trying to pop it. I am supposed to see him again in about 4 weeks.

My question is, I'm willing to entertain for now that it could be TMJ, but could this really be an accurate diagnosis, and if so, what other things can I do besides ibuprofen that could alleviate my symptoms?

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