swollen, hard subclavicular lymph nodes x 1 yr now swollen throat one side no pain with
aryvalyn posted:
My subclavicular lymph nodes have been swollen for over a year on the left side. Now more of them are swollen in that area, also large ( one of them about the size of a walnut) lymph nodes in my right groin. The left side of my throat has become very swollen it feels like there is a big lump in it and you can easily see the swelling on the left side and I feel as though the airway is begining to be obstructed, swallowing is becoming uncomfortable. There is no pain associated with this but it feels very uncomfortable. Additional facts include that I have been suffering from profound fatigue and progressive muscle weakness, and pain, and am difficulty with my balance. I become easily confused and forgetful. Lately severe dry eyes, with severe pain, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and double vision and extreme dry mouth which seems to make this throat swelling more uncomfotable. I have been told I have cysts on my kidney, my liver, and enlarged liver, I also have megacisterna magna vs subarachnoid cyst. Not sure what is causing what but I feel generally miserable and would like to find out why.