One swollen tosil been like it for 5 weeks
An_251155 posted:
Hello this is my first question thing I hope Im doing this right......
My 5 year old daugher has a swollen tonsil on one side shes had it now coming up 5 weeks she due to see a an ear nose and throat dr in 3 weeks. But I cant help but worry she seems fine in her self not been ill but I have noticed a harsh cough while she sleeps but she doesnt do it much. She snores etc too. The drs have tried antibiotics they havent worked but they have given her a new one to try because her tonsil got bigger with tiny little white spots on it, and her lymph node is up too, but Im not pinning my hopes that this stuff will work. Im basically going crazy and out of my mind I know Im probably worrying over nothing but does anyone have any ideas why this is happening or has been through it etc. just need my mind put to rest.
Thanks everyone