ear infection
christinaw718 posted:
About Two Weeks Ago My Throat Was Hurting And It Felt Like There Was a Lump In My Throat Shortly After It Felt Better I Started Getting A Really Bad Pain In My Ear I Figured It Was Just An Ear Infection So Being A Full Time Student I Utilized The Free "Doctors" On Campus. I Was Prescribed Amoxicillin To Help With The Infection. I Have Been Taking It For About 4 Days Now My Ear Doesn't Hurt Anymore Except For When I Hear Crackeling Sounds And Everything Sounds Like People Are Talking BeHind A Fan. I Have Been Sleeping On A Heating PAd Every Night To Try To Drain Anything That May Be In My Ear. Im Having A Really Hard Time Hearing People. Since Starting My Antibiotics I Have been Getting Really Bad Migranes And I Feel Dizzy And Nauseated Most Of The Day. Is There Anything I Can Do To Get My Ears Back To Normal And To Not Feel Dizzy And Sick?