Ringing in both my ears
An_251180 posted:
I have had ringing in both for ears for one month.Recently I went to a local ent as it was easy to get an appointment in a day.He looked in my ears with an otoscope and said that there was not wax that he could see. Then he sent me for a hearing test, which I did poorly on, I guess. Problem is I can hear fine. He insisted that I should get a hearing aid along with his audiologist. He said it is tittinus. I perhaps would have this for my entire life. Needless to say, I left as I am going for a second opinion. He is an older doctor and the testing equipment looked old. I am wondering if I have fluid in my inner ear drum. The ringing feels like when you have a bad cold. Does anyone know some of the tests doctors use besides a hearing test and a small otoscope to detect causes of titinus. I do have hypothyroidism and take Levothyroxine. He didn't even ask me that and even talk about it. I am definitely going to another ENT. I will bring my hearing test with me.I don't know if health insurance will pay for another. Does anyone know some of the tests that should be run determining what is causing ringing in my ears. Is there a difference scope to check for fluid, mri, etc. Thank you for any input you can give me.