Recovering From Mononucleosis
monogirl1994 posted:

I am currently in my 10th week recovering from my initial diagnosis of mono in its acute stage. I had all the classic huge swollen sore tonsils/throat, exhaustion, headaches, fevers, and general awful flu like feeling.

I developed splenomegaly in the third week of the disease, along with low platelet levels for a while. Now, although I can still feel my spleen as sort of a balloon/slight pressure at times, I don't think it is palpable. My doctors have said that sometimes they can just feel the spleen, because I am thin, so I'm thinking the splenomegaly is resolving.

I just had blood work done last week, showing that my red blood cells, some protein, and my hemocrit and hemoglobin levels were quite high. My doctor thinks my bone marrow has just gone into overdrive to try to compensate for the spleen being affected, but my platelets have increased from 100 to 186.

My question is, is it safe to return to mild exercise, such as jogging? I am feeling better, though still exhausted, but I really miss exercise, as it is a huge part of my life. Would exercise hinder my recovery if I got enough rest?

Thank you so much. I really appreciate anyone's opinions.

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