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Ear pain that is NOT otitis media???
ReB62 posted:
My child has had ear pain, RIGHT ear, for about 1 week now since getting a cold and 1 cold sore on her lip. Saw Dr yesterday who removed hardened wax from right ear, but otherwise said both ears looked healthy, no signs of infection. She has no fever, no balance issues, otherwise seems ok (a little sniffly and has the 1 cold sore that is healing).

However, just tonight her LEFT ear hurt when she went to bed. What on earth is going on?!

She has also complained of buzzing in the ears at times (more frequently than I've ever had it.) She has 1 tube in RIGHT ear and left ear's tube felled out and eardrum scarred over (no longer a hole there).
ReB62 responded:
Good grief! "...fell out" (not "felled"). Sorry for typo.
ReB62 responded:
OK, since nobody seems to have an answer for me, I'll tell you what I think it is...childhood TMJ due to the location of pain (she points to jaw but calls it "ear pain") and the "popping" that she feels/hears when she opens her jaw. And today my child had ear pain in BOTH ears (first RIGHT, then LEFT, then a few hours later BOTH ears plus a headache). She rated pain a 6 or 7 on scale of 1-10. Not excruciating, but not "dull," either and not throbbing, but constant. It seemed to get worse as the day wore on and when the headache developed by suppertime.

A warm cloth to ears seemed to help a little, and I gave children's Tylenol at bed (though she swears it doesn't help w/pain--just helps her fall asleep. Hmm.) I can't put numbing or peroxide drops in because she has tubes.

Going to call her ENT tomorrow and see if we can get an emergency appt. Then it may be to the dentist re: possible TMJ.

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