Crackling/crunching noises in my ear with occasional vertigo
Edtx30 posted:
I just recently moved to Austin, Texas 2 plus years ago. It has the reputation for being the allergy capital of the world. A year ago I started to get this feeling of fullness in my left ear followed by a few vertigo attacks while sleeping. My doctor seemed to think it was allergy related. He told me to take zyrtec and give me a mild steroid shot. He also had me move my head while lying down rapidly in different positions. This initially seemed to work, but the following December, I started to get symptomatic.. I had a few more bouts with vertigo as well as the fullness in my ear. I also get crackling in my ear when I yawn, as if my ear is trying to release fluid or something. I also find that I get dizzy more easily then I did in the past. I plan on seeing a specialist when I have time, but was curious to see if anyone had any ideas what my problem can be... I'm hoping its not the beginning of Meneires disease. I'm in my early 30's .