Sick and need answers
OnlyMommy posted:
I have been sick for about three weeks. It started off as sinus/allergy problems, runny nose/cough/itchy eyes the first week. It has since escalated to strep throat, fullness in my head, popped ears, runny/clogged nose, cough, headaches, and itchy eyes. I don't have insurance and have little to no money so I can't go to a doctor.

I have tried allergy, cold/flu, cold/sinus, and even cough medicine and nothing seems to work. I tried to unpop my ears at one point and I immediately got vertigo. I even get this "there but not there feeling". I am keeping up with fluids and I am eating normally, I just can't shake whatever it is I have.

I don't know what to do and without insurance I am pretty much up s**t creek without a paddle. If anyone has these symptoms or know of someone who did and have a solution, I would greatly appreciate the help.