pain my left ear and tonsil
beautifulone1971 posted:
A year ago i went to see an EENT doctor he told me i had severe case of post nasal drip. He also said that the back of my throat looked like cobblestones. I was advised to use Zyrtec and it seemed to help for awhile. I ran out of Zyrtec and I didnt get a chance to go to the store for a few dYs and by this time my allergies went haywire. When I started back on this regime it appeared not to work as well as it did before. it was so bad that if i laid on my left side when i went to sleep i would cough so hard that i would gag. it took about 6mos of that awful feeling of someone tinkling my throat to go away. its a another year andly its back with a venegance. i went to the doctor and they said i had a sinus infection i started the medicine and after a few days i noticed i wasnt having my normal routine of bowel movements. i stopped taking the antibotics. i was given flonase but it burns when i spray it on the right side on