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Slight cloggy/swollen feeling in left ear for a week after mildly loud noise?
prokhorovka1943 posted:
Last week I heard a noise that was a little loud (it was two porcelain dinner dishes banging together about 1.5 - 2 feet from my head) and I felt some discomfort (but not pain) in my left ear. After a few seconds the discomfort went away but then the left ear clogged up. I tried valsalva maneuver but it didn't help, and it made my right ear feel clogged too. [br>[br>I had a cold last month which caused sinus problems and clogged ears/tubes, but it got better after 8-9 days. I've been fine for almost 2-3 weeks, but now this noise has made my ear clog again. [br>[br>I saw my ENT 2 days ago (April 10 2013) and he looked at my eardrum and did a nasal endoscopy, he said both looked okay. He did say my ears were still a little congested. He did a Weber test and my reaction was fine as well. I have a hearing test + follow up with my ENT in 10 days. I don't feel as though I have hearing loss, just a clogged/swollen feeling. [br>[br>Today my eustachian tubes seem to be functioning okay. I don't hear any crackling/popping and when I do the valsalva manuever my ears pop just fine. But my left ear still feels a bit clogged/full and some pressure. [br>[br>What can be the problem? I didn't think two porcelain dinner dishes hitting together could be loud enough to cause hearing loss, but what else could it be? It's been over a week now and left ear consistently feels slightly clogged, sometimes with a pressure feeling that lasts a few seconds. It's making me crazy!

(I noticed recently the cloggy/swollen feeling is more noticeable when I have headphones on, even if there's no sound coming through)

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