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    Includes Expert Content
    Missing Dr. M:one year post-shunt surgery on ear--no vertigo-dizziness worse
    yanksgirl posted:
    Back on 2 1/2 Valium (2 mg.) daily--doesn't seem to be helping at all!
    Last 3 mos. steadily seems worse. The dizziness has alot to 'visual response' like riding in a car--even the front seat,
    Even being on my computer--like now (have to do it in short stents)
    Watching TV, have to look away when things move alot!
    Out in public, alot of movement around me--overhead fans, lots of noise, all make it worse. Hearing is pretty good--almost too good at times and I have to take my hearing aid out! But---then don't 'understand' conversations. A mystery condition this Meniere's.
    I am considering having acupuncture--some have had success with it and a good doctor has been recommended in our area.
    Even my cardiologist said he would 'go for it' if he were me!
    Just no 'end in sight'. I don't let it stop me for the most part, but enjoying long time trips out anywhere--or doing much of anything I used to enjoy is now short term and not truly enjoyed even then.
    Just a 'quality of life' issue going on. Could be much worse I know.
    Needed to 'vent'. Thanks for listening.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    Medications can only do so much, so there is nothing wrong with trying some unconventional therapy, like the acupuncture. Try and get your insurance company to pay for it, if you can (they tend not to do it). You didn't mention anything about nausea/vomiting, so perhaps that is gone.
    I wish that I had some profound wisdom or some new, earth-shattering therapy to share with you, but I don't.
    For me, I have been busy (too busy, in fact).
    Thanks for checking in...
    yanksgirl replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    How good it was to see your reply when we got in from church today! It's been a truly difficult day for me! Got thru church, even though I was soooo dizzy I was pretty miserable--and then out to eat--and brought most of mine home--just needed to get home and sit back, but wanted to 'check emails' first so I could lie back and relax the rest of the afternoon.

    I do keep going--the nausea is not nearly as bad as it was/and no vomiting since the vertigo stopped,-but nausea can get pretty bad at various times like today when the dizziness was 'bad'!
    I have this sensation that comes often lately of the inside of my head moving slowly in a circular motion (?) --or it can be a 'sudden' feeling and a quick movement feeling inside the head, that is over quickly--and that's the one that scares me--because that is what would happen before a vertigo attack occurred. Also, when my head is bad like today, it will 'jerk' ever so slightly--like a 'twitch' only of the entire head. I think it's because my nerves are 'so shot' with all this that its' a natural reflex.
    So far, no vertigo--thank God! But life has gotten less enjoyable for sure. I 'look good' on the outside (folks tell me) but inside my head--I am 'not good at all'!
    I'm heading for the recliner now--that helps!

    Glad you are busy--I know you like that==hoping things are better with your shoulder too. No more surgery ahead? Sure hope not! Again--thanks soooo much for the input--one more 'ok' to try the acupuncture--it sure can't hurt to try. Yanksgirl
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to yanksgirl's response:
    I would be very interested to see if the acupuncture helps, since medical science has very little left to offer, unfortunately. You may still need those medications, too.

    One more shoulder surgery later this year, but my surgeon left the practice. I have to find another one! I plan on doing a very thorough search for the best in the area, even if I have to change insurance plans to get it covered.
    yanksgirl replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    12 sessions and about 2 weeks of herbs and 'no' the acupuncture didn't work. Neither could I take the anti-depressant, but gave it a week and was more dizzy and nauseated.
    So now just going thru depression and anxiety almost daily, but taking 1 to 2 Xanax daily helps some. Will see my Ent in Sept. so hoping there is more to help, but truly don't have alot of confidence that there will be. I keep on going and doing--and as I've said before--the 'joy' is not there, thus the depression. Miss talking to you--and getting 'cheered up' but understand your cutting back. Did post awhile back--but didn't get a response so figured you either hadn't seen it or felt there wasn't much more to say. Do hope you get that troubled shoulder taken care of--you are still needed here and with your family and again 'thank you' for all your encouraging words in the past--just read this one from 5 mos. ago--so thought I'd reply.

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