Where to turn when you believe that all the drs you turn to are wrong?!?
willowwv posted:
I have had numerous problems throughout my life that always seem to go to the "extreme" and are "rare"...or so I am told. And of course...the docs always have an explanation. The most recent being a small hole developing in my mouth that has now completely engulfed the roof of my mouth and left me with no sinus cavities. I have had a blood transfusion for anemia, I stay very dehydrated, they say that I have fibromyalgia because my muscles cramp so bad, my periods are very heavy and unpredictable, I have to urinate sometimes every hr (I mean plenty of water comes out), I am lucky to have a bowl movement every three to four wks, I am so tired many times that I can sleep for 10 hrs and can't stay up 2 hrs without taking a nap, I am constantly having severe headaches, my ears ring or sound muffled a lot, sometimes I can't talk because I yawn so much, my limbs stay ice cold usually...all of this has been coming on throughout the yrs but here's the bad part...I am only 30! People look at me like I just like to complain or are on drugs but knowing that I am not on drugs and knowing my body like I do...I just really feel that there is more to this than they are putting together. I am the type to look for the answers, never settle for something...and I am not the person to read the side effects of something and say-oh no---I have that too!...I just feel that there is something else to the story...feeling like that so deeply...where do I look or who do I turn to?!? Any advice what so ever would greatly be appreciated!