Thick Bloody Mucus Dripping In The Back Of My Throat.
An_251533 posted:
At age 47, for most of my adult life I've struggled with chronic sinus issues. I even had surgery to correct the problem and after a few years, it came right back. Every time I caught a cold or the flu I have to suffer with thick disgusting bloody mucus dripping in the back of my throat. My P.C. Doctor tried her best by prescribing Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray and Augmentin before referring me to an ENT. Specialist. After my initial visit , a culture was taken and the result was positive for a bacterial infection . Despite the fact that I've been taking 875mg.of Augmentin every twelve hours for the past two weeks , I still have an infection. My ENT. just prescribed 500mg. of Cipro twice daily for me . Even though I have taken and continue to take all these antibiotics the problem still persists. I am very worried that these dark chunks of deoxygenated bloody mucus are often sometimes swallowed. I hardly get any sleep because I constantly have to get up and go to the bathroom to spit up this blood in the toilet. All this heavy bleeding has to be coming from somewhere.This is getting scary as I am also hypertensive. " Is it possible that this bacterial infection might be resisting the antibiotics?" Thanks in advance for any advice.