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Large tonsils, prescence of numerous bacteria, no pain
Vlast posted:
My wife is a 26 year old Korean woman. When she was younger she had tonsillitis several times. never 7 times in a single year but close. Sometime when she was taken to see the doctor there in Korea (I don't know why or how old she was) he said that she abnormally large tonsils and that she should have them removed. Her family didn't have the money to pay for that surgery, so her tonsils were never removed. She is now living in Kyrgyzstan as a student, studying to become a doctor, and recently she decided to have herself tested for rheumatism because her mother has it and she wanted to make sure that she didn't inherit it from her mother. Long story short, after doing the main test and an EKG she still wasn't sure and decided to get her tonsils swabbed and a culture done. The first time, the woman swabbed both her throat and her tonsils and told her that she had overly active and abundant staphylococcus and streptococcus. So she swabbed again, trying to get just the tonsils and she said she found a hole (an abscess I am assuming) and when she stuck the swab in there pus and blood came out. She has none of the outward symptoms of tonsillitis such as a fever, pain, trouble swallowing, or a ton of gunk on her tonsils; but she is terrified that her tonsils will give her rheumatic fever and everyone keeps telling her that she should have them removed because they are too big and that she has the signs of tonsillitis. So basically my questions are what are the chances of her getting rheumatic fever if she doesn't remove her tonsils? What other complications could there be? Is there any way to possibly just clean her tonsils out? What are the risks associated with a tonsillectomy? I know the most basic solution would be for her to be seen by an ENT doctor, but she won't be able to come to the States to get it done because she has classes right now and I will be deploying this summer. Also, I don't trust the doctors there in Kyrgyzstan 100% and the ones in Korea love modifying the body so I feel they would be prejudice to simply cutting them out because it's the simplest solution. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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