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Chronic gum irritation (probably) due to dry mouth?
violetblues posted:

This may be a little tangential to the community focus but I was hoping to get some advice. I'm a 27 year old healthy female, low bmi, I exercise, I have experienced some intense job and school stress the last few months. It's better now.

On and off, I've experienced some gum irritation in the last few years, primarily when my mouth is dry or I'm in a dry climate. It wasn't frequent enough to be bothersome. About a month ago, I began experiencing this same sensation, but constantly and intensely. I went to my dentist, and he told me that it is not due to plaque or oral hygiene, that my teeth are clean. He thinks it could be a reaction to my toothpaste or dry mouth, and that the stress caused the flare up.

I switched toothpastes with no avail, so I'm focusing on the dry mouth. I'm using biotene products, staying hydrated, chewing gum, etc, and still experiencing it. I *shouldn't* have dry mouth - - I'm not congested, not on meds other than birth control, certainly not at risk for diabetes, no possibility of HIV. The other strange thing — admittedly, my mouth is somewhat dry, but it is really only my gums that are bothering me (lips are always a little dry, a bit of a sore throat, but the extreme gum irritation doesn't seem to match up with the other mild symptoms).

Any thoughts on what could be causing it and how to treat it? I started taking multivitamins, and started taking over the counter meds for allergies just in case. I'm at a loss. I really, really appreciate any advice.

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