Metallic Echo in Ear After Pain and Pressure
An_251741 posted:
So, first, I understand that I may need to see a doctor. However, not having insurance, I am trying to understand the potential severity of the problem and I want to decide if I can tough it out or if a doctor's bill may be unavoidable.
Yesterday afternoon, my throat began feeling raspy and my left ear felt some pressure, as if there were water in my ear. As the evening progressed, the pressure became more and more intense, making me feel cloudy. As night fell, the pressure became intense, sharp, constant pain. The pain decreased slightly and momentarily when I tugged on my outer ear lobe but that would only last a moment. I don't believe I had any fever or other symptoms.
After scouring the Internet for home remedies, I was able to alleviate the pain. I purchased Earache Relief drops (Chamomilla, Mercurius Solubilis, and Sulphur active ingredients), along with a combination of white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide dropped in the ear, BC powder (taken orally), and a heating pad.
When I took out the cotton ball I had used to hold in the drops, along with the liquified wax that came out were several small drops of blood. I woke this morning with the pain mostly gone, however there is a metallic echo in my left ear. Every voice has a metal ring just behind it and the pressure is still there.
I have a really important work convention I can't afford to miss tomorrow. I'm curious as to what caused the pain, what is causing the metallic sound, and what I can do to rid myself of all of it?