On april 1st I had a vaccine. On April 2nd I started feeling very ill. I ended up in the hospital ER with a fever of 104.5, lethargic, vomiting headaches etc...After three weeks of trying to get my energy back and my cognitive abilities in tack I continued to have headahces and now back, shoulder arm and neck pain everyday with out fail. I went to have a spinal it came out traumatic and they couldn't read it !! I went to a neurologist and she did nothing but refer me to the infectious disease dr. which couldnt help me because the tap came back bad! So he said he didn't feel I had anything that I would need to see him for. So, here I am going back to my primary dr. that I do like but not sure what they are going to do for me. Any suggestions I will be welcome to hear as I have not been back to work due to all the pain and the fatigue!!