Very confused. Any help would be appreciated!
geones posted:
Hi all. About a month ago I got a cold which after 8 days was diagnosed as sinusitis by my doctor and I was given antibiotics. Finished the course of them and along with sinus rinse and steroid nasal spray it was basically gone completely around 2.5 weeks. With this I also had a very productive cough which was gone by the 2.5 week mark as well.Things were all right for about 7 days after that until 3 or so days ago. My throat soreness has come back as well as my productive cough. When it was going away before the phlegm turned clear and liquidy but it is back now except it is thick and yellow-green (sorry for being so graphic). Things which have changed here are:

1. we started sleep training our newborn about 8 days ago so not gtting a great amount of sleep

2. I am getting ready for a competition so I have dropped my calories to roughly 2000/daily while trying to maintain the same activity level. I have since in the last 2 days dropped activity to only bjj 3x/weekly. I am really worried if I keep running and lifting I can make this worse.

Is this probably a weakened immune system from lessened sleep? Will I run the risk of making things worse if I keep exercising? At what point should I go see the doc.? I know it is hard to say over the internet but if anyone has any opinions that would be great.

Thank you so much.