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Ringing in ears
LLJ0277 posted:
4 weeks ago I noticed a ringing in my left ear, I didnt think much of it, until I noticed it wasnt going away. I waited a few days to go to the Dr, I finally went in and she said I had fluid in both ears and she gave me flonase, told me to take Allegra D and it would go away. A few days later, it was worse. I was hot, lightheaded, couldnt walk or see straight I had to sit down. I went to my regular Dr and he said to get off the Allegra D because it was causing my heartrate to go crazy, there was no fluid in left ear anymore, but there was some still in my right ear, he told me I have an underling viral infection with some inflammation. He gave me 10 days of prednisone and Xanax. Afer 10 days of prednisone, it was still there. I went back in and he was surprised to see that there was still a little fluid in my right ear, he said to take sudafed everyday and flonase as needed, he thinks itll go away, but cannot say for sure that it wont be permanent. Its been almost 2 weeks since Ive been in again, ringing still there. Sometime I hear the ringing in my left ear, and sometimes in my head more to the left side, is that normal?
LLJ0277 responded:
I also had tons of head/ear pressure and was popping my ears alot. The pressure has decreased ALOT. Im left with the ringing now and lack of sleep, Ive been getting some headaches now, just real light nothing big and my eyes have benn hurting in the past week, I havent slept a whole lot, I only take Xanax if I have to at night to sleep, otherwise I dont take it.

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