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    Kazoo/distortion in Ear after gunshot
    mrance11 posted:
    On April 6th, 2013 I shot one round outside from my 9mm without hearing protection (I know stupid) and I got a sharp pain in my left ear with immediate distorted/kazoo hearing in that ear with loud ringing. The ringing subsided after a few days but the distorted hearing was still there so I scheduled an appointment with and ENT on April 12th. During my ear exam the ENT didn't find anything wrong other then (what he called) a prominent Vascular Strip (a wind band of broken blood vessels on that eardrum) and he said that probably is not causing my condition. I was given a 6 day course of methylprednisolone and I didn't notice any improvement after the course was completed. I also had a hearing test which showed high frequency hearing loss in both ears which I already was aware of. As of today May 4th I still have the distorted/kazoo hearing and it's hard to tell if it's getting any better, if there is any improvement it's at a very slow pace. Here are my symptoms and the severity of the symptoms change from day to day, at my normal speaking voice I have no symptoms. When the volume increased from my voice or someone else's this is when I get the distorted/kazoo hearing as well as a louder TV or radio with cheap speakers and it only happens at certain pitches especially women's voices. If I clear my Eustation Tubes I can get it to improve for a few minutes when it's more noticeable. If I wear earplugs the symptoms improve for a short while, cant figure that one out. Every once in a while I feel my ear will pop on its own and the symptoms are gone for a little while as well. I read about Eustation Tube Dysfunction but I can pop my ears and I don't have the most of the symptoms of Patulous Eustahian Tubes But before this happened I went on a diet an lost 17lbs. and I heard that fat can be reduced around the tubes and could cause the Eustation tubes to say partially open. I would think I would have noticed this condition before the ear trauma. When I clear my Eustation tubes and my left ear pops it sounds different then the right one when popping, sort of like there is mucus in that ear and something is releasing. When this distortion/kazoo happens it feels like a vibration and or a rattle in my ear as well. I have searched the internet for a month regarding this condition and have not found anyone who has had an accurate diagnosis or solution to fix this problem. Most of the posts I read regarding this condition are from people who had an ear infection, musicians, someone had this happen after an ear cleaning or people just waking up in the morning and noticed the condition with no apparent reason. I think it may have something to do with damage to the Ossicular Chain. I have an appointment on May 9th with an Otolaryngologist from the University of Michigan Health Care System but I don't expect to get any answers. If anyone has any more information regarding this condition please let me know.
    PacNWJerry responded:
    What were your results?
    Last month my wife was spinning around in circles with some kids, as well as being exposed to loud music (at a banquet/karaoke).
    She has a distinct problem. Her Right ear has the kazoo issue with a certain frequency. She is a professional singer/actress and it's driving her bonkers. We both think that the Eustachian tube has something to do with it, and it did reduce for a spell. Like you I have searched thru the web to find threads like yours that describes the same symptoms, but I have yet to see a successful treatment.


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