Ears blocked like pressure but I'm not crazy
An_251769 posted:
My ears have intermittent blocking/increased pressure feeling for 6 months now. my GP, who is excellent, cant figure this one out. no pain presents at any point of time. My right ear is primarily effected, but it is intermittent. occasionally the left ear joins in, just to aggravate me and keep things confusing. no excess ear wax, no problems from a dental stand point, been to see the ENT twice now. Hearing is fine, scope used to go up my nose and look inside sinus cavity showed nothing. here's the ZINGER though; if i lay down totally flat it instantly goes away. now, it may stay away for hours, or it may come back with in seconds(the blocked feeling). i can't associate any activity, other than being upright, that happens prior to this blocking. i have my tonsils, but no problems there, and no TMJ. I myself am a registered nurse, I am baffled by this, as is my doc. I'm not crazy, but I'm getting there with this ear thing. Any help, thoughts, opinions, or advice is welcomed.