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Ear/Throat/Jaw/Tongue Pain/tingling/burning
Purple74 posted:
All started about last July (so roughly 9 months now) with Ear and throat pain - mostly left side but mild right. Went to prompt care when not cleared up in couple weeks and they said probably viral...did strep culture which was neg. Told me to wait a couple weeks and see GP if not gone.

Went to GP in mid-august, continuing but intermittent ear and throat tingling. Slightly swollen but movable and soft lymph node under jaw.

Did have a couple of deep fillings around beginning time. After a couple of months one sided tongue burning and tingling as well as jaw (upper and lower - lower worse)...left side still worse than right on all symptoms. Have seen GP, 2 ents, several dentists, periodontist, endodontist, and a neuro. Have had brain MRI w/o contrast, neck ultrasound, neck CT w/Contrast, ent looked down nose/throat with scope (in office), multiple dental xrays, a few rounds of antibiotics, routine blood work...

All findings are normal. But yet this pain is awful. Any ideas? Being fitted for splint (mouthguard) even though all dentists say that any tmj issues are minor for me. Did have some tonsil stones but ent says would not cause these problems. This is scaring me to not know what is causing all this pain/tingling...esp the tongue.

Neuro said trigeminal neuralgia, idiopathic...but this pain is constant...not paroxysmal (whatever)...and the gabapentin did not help. ENT suggests burning mouth syndrome as a possibility but no explanation and again, mostly just one side (tongue only one side). I am aware of my symptoms...which is all the dr's seem to be telling me. I am most interested in a diagnosis...even if there is no resolution of symptoms.

Sorry to drag on...any suggestions/advice/similar past issues?

Thank you!

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