septum deviation and ear pain - (even after urgery)
An_251889 posted:
I have been suffering from right ear pain for long ears. After a long treatment from a ENT doctor, I was advised to undergo a surgery after a CT scan. ( even i often had cold and headache problems) The impression of the scan were
1. bilateral ethmoid, maxillary and left frontal sinusitis
2. deviation of nasal septum to right side
3. bilateral concha bullosa

But the thing is I could not perform surgery with the same doctor, as I was transfered. I have undergone surgery with the new doctor. But even after the surgery , i have been suffering from the old cases.

After some time i consulted my old doctor. After seeing my surgery report he said that the surgery was not perfect and i have to undergo another surgery to get cure.

I have taken a new new CT Scan
1. mild deviated nasal septum to right side
2. bilateral maxillary sinusitis occluding the maxillary ostium on right side
3. minimal mucosal thickening in few ethmoidal air cells on both sides,sphenoid sinus and frontal sinus on left side

THIS Is my current scenario. Whether it is wise to undergo a surgery once again or is there any alternate solution..

the main problem i am facing is my ear pain.

kindly advice me.