Severe Ear Pain
Cresm posted:
I have been experiencing this ear pain as well but mine is right inside my ear, not in the canal and not in the lobe. My pain is excruciating and does go into my jaw and behind my ear. Pulling on the lobe and putting my finger inside my ear below the canal opening and moving it around causing a popping sound does help most of the time. I think it might be attributed to wearing earbuds and chewing gum simultaneously. I bought the soft earbuds that go into the canal thinking that would help but it hasn't. The pain is random but I have had 2 ear infections back to back which were treated with 2 different antibiotics - Levaquin and a dose pak of steroids the second time. I have been to the dentist to rule out TMJ, I do have a cracked tooth which will be repaired next Monday. If the pain continues after that I will see an ENT. This pain came on so suddenly, not coccyx pain.