Charlottelouise86 posted:
Hi I'm going out of my mind here I have been suffering now for 3 months with off balance dizzyness no vertigo or vomiting I have tinnus on and off in both ears and a little pain more of an annoyance than bad pain I here crackling and popping in my ears when I swallow press on them it all started with an outer ear infection quite a bad one I had steroid drops and it took down the swelling but then the off balance swaying started I feels like fluid behind my ears but the off balance is not letting up at all and is effecting my eyes especially long distance writing appears double like with a shadow and so do objects it's realy scaring me iv had antibiotics that have not worked and also fungal drops ( canisten) I'm going to see an ENT but an so scared they won't be able to help as I have read so many bad experiences with this on the net I don't know what to do should I go see a neurologist and ask about vr will this help ??? Many thanks