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Strep throat with no symptoms? and a possible salivary gland infection...
WillFull posted:
I am 20, I have not been sick with a sore throat, or cold of any kind in about two to three years, and I just got a call saying my throat culture was pos. for strep. I had trouble eating sandwich for lunch (ate breakfast fine - 5/16/2013). When I ate the sandwich I had a tingling/burning pain below my ear, above and behind my jaw. First thought was a salivary gland infection. The area became inflamed shortly after I had lunch. I ate the next two meals (dinner and breakfast) and still had the burning sensation and inflamation. strangly breakfast (cereal-honey bunches of oats on 5/17/2013) did not bother me too much. But NaCl and simple CHO bothered me alot worse, (like a bite of candy bar and the ham on the sandwich). I went to the doctor (5/17/2013), a nursing practitioner checked me out and diagnosed me with four things: Pharyngitis, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, sinusitis. Took a throat culture, and the rapid strep test was neg. I ate Lunch right before the doctor and I stil had pain in my parotid salivary gland region, but I did not care for I was starving and went through some deal of pain eating. I ate dinner later that evening and I tollerated all foods with hardly noticeable to no pain/burning/tingeling sensations. Now two days later the doctor calls and say I am pos. for strep throat...Is this a coinsedence? Am I just a carrier for strep? They perscribed me antibiotics, but could not answer my question on why I could not tollerate certain foods. I do not have anyother sx besides what I went to the doctor for. If I am a strep carrier what can happen from not taking the antibiotics.

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