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Passed Audiogram but still very suspicious about hearing loss
pmatthiessen posted:
Hello WebMD community.

I had an experience 3 weeks and 3 days ago where I got blasted really hard by guitar feedback.

My ear hurt at the time and for the next couple days my jaw hurt and my ear felt full. For the following couple weeks I had tinnitus (that seems to be getting better) and it sounds like I have lost a lot of detail and some volume in my right ear.

At this time I have seen an ENT specialist and taken an audiogram. They said I'm totally fine and that I've experienced noise trauma and that the ear just needs time to recover and that I shouldn't worry about hearing loss.

I have a hard time taking this information because

a) the audiogram only tests up to 8K and the ear hears up to 20K

b) I still hear very different things in each ear when I listen to white noise (like this: When I switch ears it sounds like the pitch goes way down and the volume and amount of frequencies I'm hearing in my right ear is greatly reduced.

My questions are...should I get another appointment with a specialist? Should I wait? Since I did pass the audiogram (with flying colors really) can I really expect this type of variation to even itself out over time. Shouldn't that have happened already for acoustic trauma (it's been over 3 weeks)?

Thanks for any help or advice!
kylerayner responded:
Hello Pmatthiessen,

I know this post is 2 months old. I hope you are doing better. I I am a bassist and had a similar experience with my drummer who played too loud during rehearsal. I went to an audiologist and my hearing tests were exceptionally good. When I realized that she only tested me up to 8k. I went back and insisted that she that we do a high frequency hearing test. The results came back with me having some severe hearing loss at 9k.

That one frequency loss is what is giving me my Tinnitus. I got the fullness of the ear for about three weeks. When that subsided the ringing in my ears got twice as loud.

It's been a month since all this happened to me.

In my unprofessional and humble opinion you should get a high frequency hearing test.

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