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Ear infections
MeghanMay posted:
My son has had one ear infection after another. We saw a new doctor today because we move to a different town and it was Sunday (a doc was doing a favor for a friend). He gave us clindamycin for my son. I have read somethings about that medicine that seems scary. My son is 13 months about 27lbs. We are to give it to him 3 times a day 8mL each time. The doctor said that it looked very close to popping. We have been treating the ear infections with other stuff but it doesn't seem to take care of the problem or it comes back shortly after finishing the medicine. Is it safe to give this to my son? A very worried mother
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Oral clindamycin? This is not a standard antibiotic choice for a 13 month old with recurrent ear infections, so I think you are wise to question the choice. Just because someone uses the title "Dr." in front of their name, in no way implies that have skill in making an accurate pediatric or ENT diagnosis, and treat it appropriately. While this may not be harmful for your son (I don't know the dosage or the reason he chose this antibiotic), but I, personally, think there may be a better treatment.

Please call your regular pediatrician today -- someone who knows your son's history -- for advice.

Your son may need to have a consultation with an ENT.