arm pain after flu shot
An_252120 posted:
I got the flu shot in October 2012. My arm and shoulder immediately started hurting and by 24 hours I couldn't move my shoulder at all. Prednisone immediately relieved it. My MRI showed a RTC tear, small, but my symptoms worsened. 6 months later I had another MRI which showed a complete RTC tear, symptoms worse - so I had RTC, labrum repair surgery. I am now 5 weeks postop. I have what I believe in addition to normal postop pain constant pain that starts in my shoulder and goes down my arm to my forearm and fingers. Narcotics are completely ineffective at relieving it. I am so frustrated and afraid I will be dealing with this for the rest of my life. I am active, workout usually 6 times a week, do treathlons, etc... What do I do? My PCP and surgeon keep prescribing meds that are ineffective.
maxjmuller responded:
I run a small law firm where the majority of our practice is dedicated to representing the victims of severe reactions to vaccinations. Unfortunately, some pain near the injection site is a very common side effect of tetanus shots. However, severe reactions can occur where serious shoulder/arm pain lasts for months or other neurological disorders result from the vaccination.

If anyone has suffered a severe reaction to a vaccination where symptoms lasted for more than six months, please feel free to visit our web site for more information about vaccine claims at There is a government fund that is compensating the victims of vaccine reactions and we would be glad to take a look at your case.