Sore tongue/ear for years now
bslickgirl posted:
I've had a sore tongue for about 4 years now. There is like a small lump on the back left side. Its hard to describe but the lump is like part oof the tongue maybe more like a slight swelling. The pain does start alot after I've eaten. Or if I'm talking for a few minutes. That part of my tongue fills quiet hot and there seems to be a taste off it. The pain starts in my tongue and then goes to my ear - so it hurts when I swallow. And I get I get a clicking kind of noise in my ear (I can only describe this as like rice crispies snap crackle and pop). When I blow my nose my ear makes squealing noises (which can be heard by other people). Has anyone had anything similar? Or any ideas what could be causing it. (I took loads of antibiotics (over time) for sinus - this gave me a black hairy tongue). I'm wondering if it could be an allergy (someone told me I might be allergic to tomatoes). Or could it even be my posture (as when I get the tongue and ear pain I then get pain in the lower part of the back of my head)?? Apologies for the long winded confusing description but.... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I'm really desperate for this to stop at this stage.