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Unilateral Ear Fullness / Plugged and Ringing After Cold?
An_252434 posted:

I was recently fell sick with a sinus cold accompanied by a sore throat. The cold lasted about a week and then went away. About 2-3 days after this, I woke up and was started to find that my right ear seemed plugged or full- and that there was a ringing sound. I went to a physician who noted a buildup in wax in the same ear. My ear was flushed and cleaned out, and the ringing subsided a little bit and the fullness has gone away as far as I can tell. I was told to come back in a week if the ringing did not stop.

It has not stopped and I attempted to schedule an appointment with an ENT but they are full up for the next few months.

My concern is this: While I was sick I used a Neti pot and noticed that the water had travelled into my eustachian tube in the same ear with the ringing and fullness. I am worried that I might have caused a problem in using the neti pot while I had a sinus cold. My other fear is that I may have caused an ototoxic reaction in my ear from some unknown source (but I dont know if ototoxic reactions are common in one ear only).

Is it possible that it could have been caused by any or all of these factors? Is it normal for the ringing to continue after my ears have been cleaned out, and if so for how long? Should I be more concerned or urgent in trying to get an appointment with an ENT or audiologist? How can I single out what the real problem is?

Thanks for your time.

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