Outer ear very painful and numb
Cynicalsoul000 posted:
Over the last week I have been bitten by a lot of gnats, and many of the bits are along my hairline and in and around my ears. Yesterday I noticed that the lymph node under and behind my ear was noticeably swollen, hard, and a little painful. By early this morning the ear by the lymph node was very painfull--not on the inside but on the outside. It throbs, aches, and my ear lobe is numb. It is too painful to sleep, but not too painful to work. I went to an urgent care clinic after work and the doctor didn't know what was wrong -- thought that I was having an allergic reaction to the bites.

This has happened to me once before--exact same bites, same locations, and pain and numbness (but much much milder). At that time the doctor thought I had a bacterial infection and gave me antibiotics. It appeared to fix the problem. This new doctor didn't want to give me antibiotics but did anyway. Is it possible that this is not a bacterial infection related to dozens of itchy gnat bites around my ear?