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Swollen Tonsils for 8 months
22Parker posted:
I'm going to start from the beginning and this could get kind of long. Around eight months ago I caught a cold from a girl which ended up enlarging my tonsils. I was sick for quite some time (around a month and a half). After I got over it however, my tonsils remained enlarged. I continued to think they would go away eventually. I had gotten sick again a few weeks after and was sick for another month (I assumed it was because of my tonsils and what they may have been carrying). I constantly had thick saliva and what seemed like congestion in my sinuses (though I can still breathe fine) near the opening in my throat, this has been there for the entire eight months. It also seems like its draining a lot and I constantly remove what looks like mucus when you have an infection, either by coughing it out, or from blowing my nose. Also, I am constantly fatigued because I believe the constricted airway is disrupting my sleep. My tonsils are big enough to touch when I swallow, make me snore at night, and give me extremely bad breath throughout the day.

I waited and waited then finally went to a doctor, who gave me the antibiotic amoxicillin, enough for ten days. I was told to come back if it did not work and try and set up an appointment with a specialist. I skipped him and went straight to an ENT specialist, to save myself some money since he was going to send me there anyways. I told the ENT that I had this constant congestion, drainage, and thick saliva. He told me I had tonsillitis, though it doesn't hurt and he constantly assumed it did (He was told multiple times it did not). I was in the room a matter of seconds and the ENT gave me steroids to reduce the swelling. They worked. I became sick while on the steroids which I assumed stopped the process and my tonsils began to swell again. I found out that Steroids can be bad for your immune system and I'm thinking the drainage had gotten me sick. The ENT was also talking about removing my tonsils which I don't mind doing if it will fix the problem.

However, the roof of my mouth near the tonsils and uvula is also swollen. When I open my mouth normally you can only see the roof of my mouth, not my throat, tonsils, or uvula. I fear that if I remove my tonsils this will not stop this issue and I will continue to have this congestion and thick saliva. I'm beginning to think that this constant drainage and congestion is what is making my tonsils swell. Kind of like a sponge soaking up water. However, I've also been on antihistamines for quite some time as well to see if they would work as well. I'm out of options and ideas, it also seems like my Doctor and ENT didn't really spend time to find out what was causing it, which I've been trying to explain these symptoms. This seems unrelated but maybe it could be another explanation, but I have severe heartburn that I've had since I was young.

Any ideas to what I could do? Or if the removal of my tonsils will stop all the swelling?

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