Eustachian Tube on left side and ringing in ear on left side
Jayblev2 posted:
ringing in left ear, been ringing for almost two years now, I went to ENT and he had a MRI done, I was clear of any cyst or tumors he said. It can't be because of loud noises and all that we ruled that out. It seems my Eustachian tubes are not working you know "yawn to pop your ears" anyways long story short I have came to the conclusion...I think I have TMJ when I was 17 I had a pop in my jaw when I ate on my LEFT side..same side as my ear that is currently ringing. it stopped popping years ago actually the jaw popping lasted a year maybe less. But recently I noticed when I get really hot at the gym and loose when I tilt my head back and chug a bottle of water I can hear a click / pop noise like two piece of something are rubbing together (hard cartilage) with every swallow and it's ONLY on the left side. Stumped?? ANY suggestions where to start here would be great...thanks!!