Earache, Clear Discharge, Crackling, Ringing; Please Help!
JSzabo posted:
I would like to preface this by saying thank you for any and all information. For the last three days I have had an earache. The last two days there have been a clear (except maybe a bit of yellow color from wax) discharge from my left ear. Furthermore, every twenty minutes or so there is a crackling/popping sound. It is as if the pressure is changing in my middle ear. I was able to start this on my own by massaging above the ear or under the ear (the location of lymphatic massage). Lastly, my ear has been ringing for the last two days as well. I have lost two nights of sleep and I do not know what to do. I initially started taking ibuprofen (800-1000mg), then Aleve Cold and Sinus (12hr formula), and lastly, Bronkaid.

Thank you again!