hi, Pls advise
An_252594 posted:

i had a ear perforation 7 weeks back. However the doctors said its healing & i also felt so,
But some 15 days back i went to higher altitude & my ear opened 7 closed several times.

After that, a day later , i had a very bad pain in that overall left side of my face starting from ear till the temples as if one is in the plane.

Later it got fine, but no w i sometimes feel crackling sounds & when swallow, i feel clock clock sound throughout the day in the same ear.
I really don't know what is happening.Is this going to affect my ear healing too.

Why is this happening only in the ear i had perforation, Has it become week or is this sound common to both ears & Iam just hearing it more in this particular ear because its open?

Please reply sir from your experience.