Eustacian Tube Blockage
rjb1922 posted:
I have had intermittent ear drum fluttering in my left ear that is associated with ET blockage. I have been to my ENT several times and I am on my second course of 5mg Prednisone. Initially the fluttering would happen for a day once every several weeks. Now it is much more frequent and can last several days. There is some fluid behind my ear when this is happening but it is not painful. After the first course, symptoms re-appeared after a week. Next, after a full week of symptoms and testing that again pointed to EU blockage, my ENT put me on a second longer course of 5mg Prednisone 3xday for 5 days and then 2xday for 10 days. The fluttering disappeared after the first day but now after 5 days it is back. What are my best options for evaluating and dealing with this blockage? The fluttering is horrible and clearly something is not right.